About & Returns

Buy a t-shirt because capitalism.

The designs here are things I’ve designed for fun. Buy ‘em if you like ‘em. They are extremely passive income, and that’s the way I like it.

Designs will rotate in and out from time to time, so check back to see what regrettable things I design in the future.

They are printed on demand. Most orders will be fulfilled within 2 weeks barring another wave of COVID. Thank you for your patience during this pan Demi Lovato.


More of my work on my website


Return policy.

All products are printed on demand. Which means when you get ordered Printful makes it just for you. 

Printful accepts returns for quality defects and items damaged in shipping. Have an issue like that and need a return? No problem!

Returns for any other reason end up costing me the total cost of producing and shipping your merch, and so will only be accepted in special circumstances. Capitalism, passive income, etc. 

Shipping info.

Shipping times and cost vary based on your order and location. Prices are based off estimates given to me by the fulfillment company. If they’re high, sorry. See earlier comments about this not being a hobby shop.